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another version of the old racist polices of White Australia Continue reading

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Blue Tongued Day: Creative Writing Ink photo of August 3

Sky Fields She took him to the edge of the fieldwhere the blue flowers had begun their bloom He was blind. She moved his handto one of the flowers. He sighed as his fingers first one then another, touched the … Continue reading

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Writing Exercixe: Creative Writing Ink (Ireland)

How many shadows to a life?

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The Unsaid : Word Spaces

The unsaid often hangs heaviest in conversations. What people stop saying; what they don’t say out aloud but think to themselves. That may be negative or positive statements/thoughts. Then there’s the gaps between words. But today I am going to … Continue reading

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Word Shavings: Reverie

I’ve started reading Thomas Ogden’s ‘Reverie & Interpretation : Sensing Something Human (Karnac Books, 2005 edition). It’s a great book about psychoanalysis. He has some very astute, useful comments about the psychoanalytic process and the importance of language in that.‘Words … Continue reading

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Sea Country Writing: singing saltwater country

I’ve just read a great review of a book by John Bradley called ‘Singing Saltwater Country: Journey to the songlines of Carpentaria (Allen & Unwin). It’s a wonderful piece of personal and anthropological writing in collaboration with Yanwuya families. And … Continue reading

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Word shavings: the earth as keeper

There are places that have me come alive more, sacred places, special places, uninhibited places that I find inside as well amongst rock and tree and deep gorge.The earth is the keeper of so many stories, our stories, others stories, … Continue reading

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