Word shavings: the earth as keeper

There are places that have me come alive more, sacred places, special places, uninhibited places that I find inside as well amongst rock and tree and deep gorge.The earth is the keeper of so many stories, our stories, others stories, the stories of plants and ants, all forms of life.

Sometimes snippets can be heard like word shavings found amongst the roots of a tree, or in branches held by the wind, gusted too, from one place to another.
Where is sanctuary? what does it look like, feel like?


About bydda88

I love poetry, writing, especially writing as healing, as touching the sacred, being touched. And place, places dreaming us, us them. Coasts, rivers, canyons; the ordinary things too, the small things, gestures that reach out.
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2 Responses to Word shavings: the earth as keeper

  1. Interesting question Keith! It can be hard to find a place which feels safe to us, but what a privilege to have the choice of looking for it

  2. Yes indeed Niamh. Sometimes we don't even allow ourselves to be a sanctuary to ourselves.

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